Weird Weather


Lilah Keating

In the past few weeks, the weather in Bronxville has been very strange. In January, he weather has ranged from 60 degrees, where no jacket was required, to as cold as 5 degrees with heavy wind. 

The bizarre weather can be attributed to by global warming. When fossil fuels are released into the atmosphere, CO2 fills our atmosphere, trapping heat which causes our planet’s temperatures to rise. While many associate global warming with strangely warm weather, it changes all weather patterns, meaning that we also experience extreme storms, intense cold, and even droughts. 

Additionally, with increased global temperatures, ice in places like Antarctica melt, posing threats to the wildlife that lives there as well as greatly affecting marine life. So while a strangely hot or cold day here or there may seem like nothing, you might want to question how these changes may look more drastic in the coming years and consider what you can do to prevent the warming of our planet.