Model UN Sells $2,000 Worth of See’s Candy for the Holidays


Leo Nevezhin

The Model UN Club’s See’s Fundraiser sold 81 items, raising $2,054 in profit, just in time for the holidays.

High school students from all grade levels participated in the effort, reaching out to neighbors, friends, family, and teachers in an attempt to sell more goods. The money raised would be aimed towards funding the students’ participation in conferences.

The fundraiser’s motives were more deeply rooted, though. Mr. Klurfeld, the club advisor, advocated for students to go outside of their comfort zone in making these sales, comparing the experience of selling to strangers as public speaking.

He reminded students that selling to others would boost their self-confidence, which would come in great use in the high-paced debating that takes place in Model UN conferences.

Moreover, the candy sales impacted the greater community as well. The fundraiser ran through the month of November, ending the day after Thanksgiving break, allowing club members to distribute their candies in time for the winter holidays.

So, club members were not only able to raise money to fund the club, but also developed their confidence in public speaking, and spread holiday cheer to their friends and family during the holiday season.