Tenth Annual Gingerbread Event


Zoe Loader and Sophia Petrillo

For the past 10 years, the Habitat for Humanity club has organized a gingerbread decorating event for members of the club in High School along with students in the elementary school from Kindergarten through 5th grade. Mr. Doyle, a High School World History and Economics teacher and moderator of the club along with Ms. Cabrera states, “Habitat for Humanity is an organization that builds homes for people in need. We do a portion of our service now with the Fuller Center of New Rochelle.” Members of the club participate in builds which are super fun, they are a way to learn many skills, not only limited to building skills, and our work goes towards a great cause. Not only are the builds that we take on for a great cause, but they are super environmentally friendly and efficient. “In Habitat for Humanity, we build energy efficient homes. For instance, some of the insulation used is from recycled jeans” says freshman High Schooler and member of the club, Claire Boland. Like the builds we participate in, the gingerbread house event has been a very popular and positive event for the past 10 years. All proceeds go to a great cause. A portion of the money made from the event goes to the Fuller House of New Rochelle, which as mentioned before, is the company the club works with to help make old buildings into beautiful homes. 

The gingerbread house event, taking place on Monday, December 19th, is an event where High school students that are in the club, help elementary school students carefully build holiday gingerbread houses and celebrate together. It’s a great way to bring elementary and high school students together during the holiday season and raise money for a good cause. Not only is the gingerbread event fun for the kids and a great way to raise money, it also has many other positive effects. For example, families have come together for many years to decorate a gingerbread house. The club has had brothers and sisters participate, Grandmas and Grandpas, and the club even held the event over zoom during the pandemic two years ago. “Habitat for Humanity has been planning this event for weeks and we have had many meetings planning all the different categories to make the event successful and the best that it can be. Each club meeting we discuss who is able to help and what we would need for each category. A lot of thought and effort goes into each event and the whole club is hopeful that people will enjoy it.” says freshman Larissa Kocur, giving us an inside perspective on the planning process of the upcoming event. As you can see, the club has put in a lot of time and effort into this upcoming event, and we are hoping for a perfect outcome and for the Elementary students and their families to enjoy this event for a great cause.