2022 Halloween Parade


Lilah Keating

The annual Bronxville Halloween Parade is a joyful tradition for the young children of Bronxville. They put on their costumes and, with the aid of the Bronxville police to keep the roads safe, march in a procession around Bronxville showing off their array of costumes. At the end of the parade, the children trick or treat to get a bag of candy. The children can then, if they dare, go into a haunted house where they are scared by masked volunteers. This wonderful event is put on by the Bronxville Youth Council (BYC), who packages bags of candy, sets up decorations, and has around 20-30 volunteers making sure the event goes smoothly. Frannie Krause, a junior and the president of BYC, said, “We are so happy to keep this tradition alive because so many of us have grown up with the Halloween parade as a staple in our Halloween holiday plans!” We look forward to it every year, and this year the event was another remarkable success!