Harry Potter and Cursed Child Brings Magic Back to Broadway


Jack Pasquale

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is breathtaking from the moment you walk into the lobby to the moment you leave the theater. Non-stop immersive action, incredible special effects and an amazing set make Harry Potter and the Cursed Child truly magnificent and a must see Broadway production. The incredibly talented cast has the audience spellbound for the entire show, with twists and turns galore.

Without revealing any spoilers, you can rest assured that the original plot will please both die hard Harry Potter fans and everyday theatergoers. The story about families, friendships, expectations, assumptions, redemption and the need to make our own life decisions is truly captivating. 

A winner of 6 Tony Awards, including Best Play, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child was originally a two-part event. The production was reimagined and recast for its post-COVID-19 return to Broadway as a one-part, 3.5 hour show. The shorter production was wonderful and no longer requires the purchase of two separate tickets or the prior marathon running time.