No Doubt Mrs. Doubtfire will continue to Amaze!


Jack Pasquale

(left to right) Austin Elle Fisher, Tyler Wladis, Analise Scarpaci, Jenn Gambatese and Rob McClure as Mrs. Doubtfire. Photo Credit: Joan Marcus.

Mrs. Doubtfire on Broadway fought through several COVID-19 closures to establish a solid footing. The amazing cast, led by Tony Award nominated Rob McClure as Mrs. Doubtfire and the wonderfully talented Analise Scarpaci as eldest daughter Lydia Hillard, announced it will open in the UK in the fall of 2022 and have a U.S. tour in 2023. So, if you were not lucky enough to catch Mrs. Doubtfire on Broadway you will have another chance!  What follows below is an exclusive interview with The Echo and Ms. Analise Scarpaci, who’s other Broadway credits include Matilda and A Christmas Story. We hope you enjoy it!

Did you participate in your high school’s theater program? If yes, did you do both plays and musicals? 

Yes, I did! I was in Legally Blonde, Seussical, and Jesus Christ Superstar!!

What was your favorite high school production? 

My favorite production that I did in high school was definitely Jesus Christ Superstar. I played Mary Magdalene in my senior year. It really helped me mature as an actor as I began to find my adult voice.

Did you watch the Mrs. Doubtfire movie before landing your amazing role as Lydia?

Yes! It’s one of my favorite movies. I used to watch it with my dad all  the time 🙂 

You had incredible onstage chemistry with Rob McClure and your siblings.  Are there any resemblances to your real family?

Not many similarities onstage, but offstage most of my castmates come from large families so we have tons of similarities that helped us to connect on stage. 

How did you get such an amazing voice? Did you have extensive formal vocal training?

That’s so sweet, thank you!! I’ve been training my voice since I was seven years old and am very vocal health conscious.  

Is J. Harrison Ghee as funny and wonderful offstage as he is onstage?

J is one of the most incredible human beings I have ever met and it is an honor to work with him. 

What surprised you most about Mrs. Doubtfire?

A lot of things surprised me, but mostly how many dance numbers are in the show! I never expected there to be huge dance numbers. I also never expected there to be a pandemic that shut the show for 18 months.  

Did Rob McClure ever go out in Times Square dressed as Mrs. Doubtfire?

We performed on Good Morning America in Times Square so not only did he just go out, but he fully danced haha.

Landing the role of Lydia lin Mrs. Doubtfire must be a dream. What do you plan to do for your next act?

It really was such a dream come true. I’m not sure what will be next, but I know God has a plan and I’m sure it’ll be an amazing experience. 

What is the most helpful advice you were ever given and who gave it to you?

When we first started rehearsals for the show, Rob told me some great advice. He said that when we are kids our creativity is so explosive and brilliant, but as we get older, negativity and doubt start to create a filter over that creativity. Our job as artists is to try our best to make sure that the filter doesn’t take over.

What advice would you give to young aspiring Broadway performers?

I know this is super cliche, but always be yourself. It’s so important that you let your truest self shine because otherwise you won’t find the infinite amount of happiness in what you are doing. I also think it’s extremely important to know that not everything is a race and that “life’s a climb, but the view is great.” If y’all don’t  know that that’s a direct quote from the Hannah Montana movie.  I highly suggest you go watch it right now so I don’t feel old.