Lillah Keating

Adjustments were made to the SATs and will go into effect in a few years. The test, which has always been with paper and pencil, will go all-digital in 2023 for international students and for U.S. students in 2024. Other changes will also be made, including shrinking the test from three hours to two, shortening reading passages, and allowing students to use a calculator on the entire math section. Testing will still take place at a test center or school, but students will be able to choose between taking the test on their own devices or school devices. In the case of Bronxville students, this year’s eighth-graders will be the first to take this newly formatted SAT. 

There are many pros for this new SAT, including the use of calculators, shorter reading passages, and less time. However, this also means that it will be easier to get a higher score making the standard score higher. Additionally, with the shorter time, students will be forced to use their time accordingly. “It’s gonna be so much easier now that we have calculators for the first time,” says Cooper Keating, a current eighth grader.