Tick Tick Brilliant


Rachel Conniff

With a plot just as exciting as its name, Tick Tick Boom is easily one of the top movies of 2021. From The Amazing Spiderman to The Social Network, it’s been evident that Andrew Garfield has quite a range. This range was put to the test when he took on the role of quirky playwright, Jonathan Larson. Set in the 90s in New York City, Tick Tick Boom effectively addresses the troubles of the time such as the AIDS epidemic while still having upbeat moments to provide light during a period of darkness. When years worth of work is rejected, Larson questions whether he chose the right career path. His friends try to balance being supportive and reasonable by suggesting alternative careers. Larson is frustrated with this outcome yet optimistic about his writing potential. With this optimism came persistence and he eventually completed his most famous piece of work, the beloved musical, Rent. This film is moving and a great portrayal of the change in Larson’s values from measuring his life in success to measuring his life in love.