La Casa

Cate Spitz

La Casa, a Mexican restaurant, is the newest addition to the town of Bronxville. The restaurant is a sophisticated Mexican cuisine, introduced to the town by owner Spencer Pingle. The restaurant has hired Julio Enriquez, who had a long career at the restaurant Blue Hill at Stone Barns before coming to La Casa. The restaurant has hired additional chefs that have also previously worked at Blue Hill at Stone Barns, providing them with years of experience in the kitchen. 

La Casa isn’t the usual Mexican food that you would see at other Mexican restaurants, as it doesn’t have burritos or quesadillas. Instead, La Casa has a more upscale menu, including Carnitas, Pork & Pickled Onions Tacos and Crab Tostada & Napa Cabbage. The menu also changes often, so La Casa  never risks limiting their customers’ options. 

The restaurant business is one that takes grit and determination to uphold, as it is hard to establish a new business in an already established town. Before La Casa, Blue Moon had that space for their restaurant. Many people were very upset when Blue Moon left; however, I feel that La Casa’s menu is more geared towards older ages and is a great new addition to our town. 

If you love Mexican food, I highly recommend La Casa—the food is spectacular! Also be sure to look up the restaurant, as it gives insight to the chefs and Spencer Pingle’s journey to establishing a restaurant.