Class of 2022 celebrates Halloween

Nadia Newton

The seniors continued the tradition of the annual Halloween parade this past week and set the bar extremely high for the class of 2023. We had 80 seniors participating in the costume competition as well as the rest of the class judging to decide the winner. This was an extremely inclusive and fun event in which the class was able to celebrate our last Halloween together in an enjoyable way. Everyone dressed up together and took on a role they felt comfortable with in order to make for a comfortable and congenial environment. 

We had 12 groups perform light-hearted skits in front of judges in order to compete for winning titles. Every single group put evident effort into their performance acts which made for an enjoyable last Halloween together. Although we did have particular winners, it was agreed that everyone performed extremely well and were happy…which was the main goal. 

We had costumes from: Sesame Street, Secret Agent Fruits, The Incredibles, Sushi Shogun vs Burger King, Toy Story, Dr Suess, Purple Cobras. Shrek, Vacation, Three Little Pigs, Weather and Rodeo. As evident, there were a variety of acts, both seen previously and new, which reflected upon the personalities and interests of our unique class. Everyone truly tuned into their characters which made for an enjoyable performance for the teachers, senior judges and elementary schoolers. 

The prize for ‘Most Entertaining’ went to Simon De Grieff Rubio and Ashton Minich who performed their “Sushi Shogun vs Burger King” showdown. This was never before seen at Bronxville High School, where we had the opportunity to watch a battle with traditional weapons (in a safe way of course.) This unique performance was bound to win ‘Most Entertaining’ due to it’s sheer unconventionality.

The prize for ‘Best Homemade’ went to Alex Kupersmith, Tyler Tanaka-Wong and Edward Phillips who performed their “Vacation” act. We watched as they came dressed in Hawaiian-themed costumes with beach chairs and sunglasses. This dedication in October with North-East weather truly deserved the prize and was entertaining to watch.

The prize for ‘Best Trip Down Memory Lane’ went to Chloe Lee, Ava Singh, Sophia Bouvard, Nadia Newton, Sofia Flower, Rory Denning, Ali Dotson, Cate Spitz, Julia Narkaj, Sofia Mercado, Micki Zucker and Sofie Blazecjack who performed as “Toy Story.” This large group took all of the seniors back to a ‘simpler time’ and was a remnant of our childhood. The variety in costumes and originality won this group their deserved prize.

After this tradition, the seniors all sat together and watched the play ‘The Crucible.’ It was incredible to be able to watch our last school play as a class, and support our seniors who were performing. The play was extremely well prepared and enjoyable (as well as a remnant to those who take AP Lang.)

Overall, the class of 2022’s last Halloween together was a great success and we wish the best to them as they continue on to college and create new Halloween traditions wherever they go!