20 things to do before fall ends…


Alessandra Johnson

-Make a fall photo challenge with your friends

-A lot of the things on the list would make great photos

-Bake a pie

-Do a corn maze

-Do a puzzle with your family

-Go biking with friends

-Enjoy the weather while it lasts!

-Read some good books

-Make s’mores with friends

-Study in a cafe 

-Go to a bookstore

-Spend a night in a tent with friends

-Do some arts and crafts

-Crocheting, knitting, painting, drawing

-Make advent calendars with your friends for December

-Try writing a story

-Go apple picking

-Have a photoshoot with your pet in the leaves

-Learn something new

-Skateboarding, roller skating, baking, cooking

-Have game night with your friends and family

-Get friends together and walk your dogs

-If you don’t have a dog, just go on a walk, it’s really nice weather now

-Start making lists of gifts to get for friends and family

-Try studying somewhere else

-Outside, in a Cafe, at a friend’s house