BHS Field Day!

Bethany Lee

On Thursday, May 6, the Bronxville High School revitalized a tradition that had been abandoned for almost twenty years: a high school field day. Although we typically associate field day with middle school, we envisioned this field day to be time for the high school to bond and hang out outside of the classroom. Traditionally, the high school hosts “SFL Days,” where we invite speakers to impart their knowledge and expertise to the students. But due to the limitations of COVID-19, we hosted a field day in lieu of an SFL Day. 

Each grade had the opportunity to participate in different events, ranging from KanJam and Cornhole, to “Funball” and Capture the Flag during their scheduled block. Each grade’s field day culminated in several rounds of Tug of War to bring the students together before they were dismissed. The fun did not end there, though. During lunch/X-Block, a dunk tank was set up next to the field. Students gathered around the dunk tank to watch fellow classmates get dunked, and everyone had smiles on their faces. In fact, Mr. Halling and Mr. Ginsburg from the HS math department even elected to get dumped! It was good to see highschoolers from 9th through 12th grade gathered together and having a good time all at once. 

The Field Day was part of the high school’s ‘Blue vs. Grey’ week, in which each day of the week was designed to improve the school’s camaraderie, while concurrently earning points for the (randomly selected) team that a student was on. Stay tuned for the winner! 

All in all, I was very pleased with the way in which our field day turned out. I was glad to see students and teachers chatting and laughing together again, as it demonstrates that we are returning to normal again. I hope field day turns into a tradition for the Bronxville High School. 

Thank you to all the faculty, administrators, teachers, students, and staff that helped make this day happen! It would not have been possible without you!