The Stable with Ms. Meyer


Jack Pasquale

For the first installment of The Stable, we interviewed Bronxville High School’s Principal Ms. Ann Meyer.


Ann Meyer, Principal of Bronxville High School


How long have you been at Bronxville High School?

14 years — 6 years as a teacher and this is my 8th year as HS Principal


How long have you been in education?

17 years


Do you like cats or dogs better?



Which is your favorite streaming service?



What are you streaming now?

Schitt’s Creek


What is your favorite breakfast?



Where is your favorite vacation spot?

Santorini, Greece


What is your favorite flavorĀ  of ice cream?

Cookie Dough


What is your favorite band?

Pearl Jam


What is the best advice someone ever gave you?

This too shall pass