The Youth Community Fund is looking for New Members

Conner Huang, Director of Technology

Hi Everyone, the Youth Community Fund or YCF is looking for new members. The YCF is an organization run by high schoolers that help out kids in the Bronxville, Eastchester and Tuckahoe area. The organization also has an adult counterpart called The Community Fund. I am currently the Vice-Chair of the Evaluation Committee and Technology Leader for the YCF. There are several interesting ways that you can become involved with the YCF.

The first way to get involved is by joining the volunteer team. Currently, the YCF has over a 100 kids from Bronxville, Eastchester and Tuckahoe who are part of the volunteer team. This means one of your friends might be part of the YCF! What these volunteers do is that they volunteer to participate in different events that the YCF has set up. Some recent volunteer events include helping tutor kids, unboxing and tagging clothes to give to new parents who are in critical need and stuffing campaign letters for The Community Fund to help them raise money. This is great for kids who want to help out their community, get community service hours and want something fun to do. 

Another way to get involved is by applying for the Leadership Team or Evaluation Committee. These two groups are responsible for increasing awareness of the YCF, fundraising, creating new volunteer opportunities and issuing grants to local nonprofits. You will have some very important responsibilities if you are part of the Leadership Team or Evaluation Committee. This does mean that there is a time commitment, but everything you will be doing will be enjoyable and something that most kids our age have never experienced or done. It will help you build many life skills that are important in whatever career path you choose and of course, it looks good for college. 

If you have any questions feel free to contact me at [email protected] or you can contact the YCF directly at [email protected]. In addition, please give us a follow @ycfbet and @theommunityfundbet on Instagram.