Gay Straight Alliance


Brooke Kaye, Columnist

Our school strongly believes in an open, welcoming environment for all students. High school English teacher Mr. D’Alessandro supports this cause by supervising the high school’s Gay Straight Alliance club, which meets on Mondays or Tuesdays during lunch in room A306.  This club is for all students — gay, straight, or any other orientation — to come together.

Any student who has met Mr. D’Alessandro knows that his teaching centers around helping students develop perspective. In his classes, he makes sure to keep the conversation open to all students, never putting students down for who they are.  His club is a key opportunity for our school to ensure others feel welcomed and not alone.

When asked about the importance of his club, Mr. D’Alessandro said, “It’s so important to have a place for kids who are dealing with identity issues in high school, where they can come and talk and not feel judged, but welcomed and supported instead.” Many people are insecure over their sexuality because they feel they might be judged. In Mr. D’Alessandro’s club, he makes sure nobody feels that way.

He also talked about the importance of being visible, “Visibility is important because nothing changes unless people are visible. If you fly under the radar and don’t want to be counted and don’t want to be visible, nothing ever changes and nothing ever progresses.”  Most students try to stay invisible because they don’t want to be judged for who they are.  

The Gay Straight Alliance affects all. Mr. D’Alessandro further explained this idea, “The whole part of the alliance can’t be emphasized enough because unless we have students who are both gay and straight coming and talking and sharing ideas and experiences then the whole reason for it doesn’t really come into fruition.” You can’t create equality unless both parties are there.   

Mr. D’Alessandro was asked to run the club, “It was run by a former teacher and she did an amazing job for I don’t know fifteen years, I think she founded it so when I asked if I would do it I said of course.”  

Clubs are meeting this year on zoom during X Block schedule.