Bronco TV


Brooke Kaye, Columnist

Bronco TV is a fun and interactive way for students to learn about how to create a TV news show using advanced technology.  Mr. Doyle runs the class with the assistance of Mr. DiZenzo while  Mr. Daniil runs the tech.  Bronco TV has been a class for three years now and Bronco TV news for the high school has been running for 15 years!

When asked, Mr. Doyle explained why he started the club, “My idea was always that a news show could bring the school together, a shared experience. You could show students and faculty and parents what was going on that they may not be aware of or couldn’t attend.” 

When the Bronco TV first began as a club, it was a few students with an interest in editing and camera work. Mr. Doyle, elaborated on the resources they initially had, “We started it slowly here and we got a camera and the foundation got us a new computer to edit.” They first started filming in a space that used to be the study hall.  

Mario Daniil explains how far they’ve come, “The newest thing that we’re doing is that we’re installing a 4K recorder, we were previously using a webstream device that had a more compressed recorder that was already integrated.” Mario Daniil even says they have three cameras and a green screen!

Two years ago, the drama teacher, Mr. Royal, left and offered up his room to Mr. Doyle.  With the help of a generous grant from the Bronxville Foundation, the club turned the black-box theater into a TV studio. The Bronco TV class has been learning how to use the studio over the past two years, “The students have really learned to work the camera, the switcher, teleprompter, and sound and lighting. They have learned how to edit and how to create.” By taking this course or by joining the club, students finally have a place to follow their interests in this area of technology. 

Mr. Doyle also started a new after school program for the middle school, called Bronco TV Junior.  This semester, they started one for the elementary school, The Weekly Bronco. Both have already put out two shows.

The best part of Bronco TV? It’s a place for everybody.  “It’s an institution where there’s really a job for everybody in something like broadcasting because you have very, very technical roles that you can play that people gravitate towards,” Mr. Daniil says. The club isn’t limited  to people who want to be in the spotlight. From writing scripts, to editing scenes, to recording with the camera— all are welcomed to join. At Bronco TV, there’s a place for you, no matter what your interests are.