Habitat for Humanity Helps Local Community


Habitat club during their holiday fundraiser

Nate Kim, Staff Writer

Habitat for Humanity is a club that was created in order to help better our community. As members of the Bronxville community, we are very lucky to have suitable housing. Unfortunately, we are surrounded by areas that are not as lucky as we are. Habitat for Humanity focuses on “builds” where student volunteers can help work on schools, houses and other construction-related activities. 


There’s no doubt that we are at a low point. For all of us, COVID-19 has hurt humans by limiting one of the things we need most: social interactions. Humans are group animals and we need to talk to people. But how do the people who are sick feel? The only person they see is their nurse as they sit alone in their hospital beds. In order to remedy this problem, Habitat for Humanity is going to be sending letters to people in hospitals to encourage them to keep on fighting. Our club has always been focused on helping people at their low points, and it’s no different this time. Habitat for Humanity donated a food gift card to the Sarah Lawrence Hospital staff from Pete’s Tavern in order to help with the strain that COVID-19 is placing on its equipment and staff. The club is also donating to a local food bank to help those in our local community. 


The Club continues to meet each week via Zoom and look for ways to continue to be of service.