Review of the 2020 Oscars

Anna Kate Kochansky, Writer

In case you missed it, Sunday, February 9th was the 92nd Annual Oscars show in Hollywood.  The show on ABC highlighted a British actress of Nigerian Descent singer named Cynthia Ervio who sang “I stand up” from the movie Harriet.  She was also nominated for a best actress performance, but the winner in that category was Renee Zellweger for the film Judy.  The Music performances were the best of all of the different performances that the actors did. Additionally, I liked how Idina Menzel sang a Frozen II song called “Into the Unknown”. 

Another award went to  Jacqueline Durran in “Little Women” who won the Costume Design Nominee. It was only the 7th time she won the Oscars Costume Design piece she did in the movie. When I saw “Little Women”, I thought she did a good job with the costumes for the characters in the movie. I thought sometimes it’s hard to decide which one is the best to watch for the previews of different movies. 

Overall the show had some memorable moments like the comedy of Maya Rudolph and Kristen Wiig and also the comedy of Steve Martin and Chris Rock. The other winners were Parasite for best picture and director, Joaquin Phoenix for the Joker, Brad Pitt for Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and Laura Dern for Marriage Story.  Enjoy the February break everyone and go see a movie.