Frozen II Movie Review


My friend Delaney and I saw the new Disney movie called Frozen II in the Bronxville movie theatre. I liked how Anna had saved Elsa since she froze into a statue and her sister saved her by unfreezing her to let her continue living. But in the original Frozen movie that came out in 2013, Elsa had saved Anna but it was the other way around in the Frozen II movie. 

I thought that some of the songs they did in Frozen II were way too long that they did in the movie. I liked how Anna who is the sister of Elsa had gone to save her sister who froze in the city of Arendelle. They have friends that are named Olaf, Sven, Kristoff. Kristoff is the owner of a reindeer named Sven. Anna and Elsa go on an adventure far away from  Arendelle. Elsa has powers that let her have the city become frozen with snow and also lets her build her own palace and can make things freeze. When their kingdom becomes frozen in the wintertime, the fearless Anna joins forces with Kristoff and his reindeer  Sven to find Anna’s sister, Snow Queen Elsa and break her icy spell to get her back alive.