Summer, The Place We All Want To Go Back To


Brooke Kaye, Writer

Throughout the school year, there is always one thing that students and teachers look forward to– Summer.  Summer is the time for both students and teachers to get away and be somewhere other than at our high school.  In the summer, you travel, go to camp, see family, and relax. This summer, many people from our school did just that.

A popular destination in New York that students traveled to was The Hamptons, which is known for its exquisite sandy beaches and quaint towns. It’s only a two-hour drive from Bronxville. Junior Avalon Kaplan spent the weekend in the Hamptons. Saya Mueller, a freshman, traveled to the Hamptons over summer break and made sure she went to all the best beaches. When Alexandra Hulbert, another freshman, went to the Hamptons, she went to the Long Island Aquarium, which has one of the largest all-living coral displays in the Western Hemisphere. Senior Anabel Maldonado went to the quaint town of Montauk and made sure to explore the town and go to the beach.  

Many students went to France over the summer and they all just missed the burning of the Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris.  I have never visited Paris, the city of love, but wonder if any of the students who traveled there found a whirlwind romance. France has some of the most venerable history and the richest culture in the world. Whitney Rowan traveled to France this past summer, as well as Caroline and Lexa Hulbert.  Sophia McCarthy travelled to Paris and saw many great sights, including the Eiffel Tower. Nadia and Jack Newton also went to the city of love and visited the Louvre.

The summer is a time where students and faculty visit their families.  Dr. Lutter, the orchestra teacher, traveled to Indiana to visit her family.  I travelled to Vermont to see my grandmother get married and to see my dad’s family.  Mrs. Agarabi also travelled to Vermont to visit her family.

The west coast was another popular destination for students and faculty.  Both Sarah Modesitt and Mr. Russert traveled to Utah. Meghan Barker and Munira Dhuliyawalla traveled to Colorado and undoubtedly saw many prepossessing lakes and striking mountains.  Aarna Pal-Yadav went to California to see Yellowstone which I have been told is an alluring sight to see. Helen ONeil also took a trip to San Francisco, California. When Ms. Maupin traveled to Southern California this summer it hit 112 degrees!  I could never be able to survive that!