Ski Season Recap Part 1


Phoebe Martin, Co-Editor

As winter break comes to a close, the ski team will begin to travel to Campgaw Mountain Ski Area several times a week to practice and race for Bronxville School.


As we transition from rollerblading to racing, I thought it would be appropriate to reflect on the first part of our ski season… 


Since typically there is not any snow in mid-November, the ski team begins training with rollerblading around gates in the school’s parking lot in order to prepare for skiing around gates in a real race. We also did wall sits and sprints to strengthen our legs. Our preparation before break helped to strengthen us as a team and get everyone acquainted with one another and the coaches, Mr. Agnello and Ms. Williams. As a new student, I really benefited from this opportunity. I’m most familiar with the kids that have been in my classes this semester and have welcomed the chance to get to know people in other grades.


I didn’t join a sports team in the fall to aid in my transition to a new school. Participating in athletics, however, made me feel much more invested and connected to the school.  Although I am glad I made the decision to opt-out of sports for the first season, I now feel a great sense of pride contributing to Bronxville High School both in the classroom and on the ski hill. Furthermore, participating in athletics has forced me to manage my time better as I no longer have all afternoon and evening to do work. I also have more responsibility because since I opted out of gym class, I have had to be really consistent with practice attendance, even on days when I was not feeling 100% or when I may have wanted to do something else.


Overall, I have had a really positive experience on the ski team thus far and have become a huge advocate for participating on a team for at least one of the athletic seasons. I look forward to finally getting on the mountain and competing with my fellow Bronxville teammates in the weeks to come.


Please see the dates listed below (subject to change) for race days:

January 7th

January 9th

January 10th

January 14th

January 15th

January 17th

January 28th

January 30th

January 31st

February 13th

February 14th

February 25th

February 26th