Coming up: Midterms


Amelia Orth

Midterm exams for students at Bronxville are right around the corner! 9th-12th grade students will take midterm exams for their classes occurring between Tuesday, January 24 and continuing throughout the week until Friday, January 27. The end of midterms marks the end of the Second Quarter and First Semester of the year. The following week will be the beginning of the Third Quarter and Second semester. The midterm exam schedule is linked here


In previous years, Bronxville temporarily stepped back on scheduling midterms exams for 9th-12th graders due to the COVID-19 pandemic; in 2021, for example, teachers had the option to give students a cumulative assessment at the end of the Second Quarter, but not a formal midterm. Taking midterm exams is likely to be new to many high school students as a result. For some, the upcoming week might be new to some, so it is important to know information about when and what content your midterm will include. During this year’s midterm exams, students will have a chance to display the knowledge they have learned from the beginning of school to now. 


Although midterms are stressful for us all, it is important to be aware of where and when your midterm takes place (listed in the schedule). Make efforts to get ahead, study hard, and overall show your best self through your work. It is important that we all stay positive and remain bronco strong through this year’s week of midterm exams. Go broncos! 


Some words of inspiration from fellow Bronxville High School students and staff: 

  • “In a week it will all be over” – Anonymous 
  • “It’s a stressful process but it’s honestly all worth it in the end when you get your scores from classes you studied hard for” – Anonymous  
  • “Show your best work and study hard” – Anna Saad 
  • “Don’t take your free time for granted” – Anonymous 
  • “Midterms are a time to bring our grades up” – Lucy Sevin
  • “You’re almost halfway there!” – Annie Sevin  
  • “In order for midterms not to be stressful, get ahead and manage your time” – Anonymous 
  • “Excited for midterms to be over” – Madeline Brandes
  • “Try your hardest!” – Anonymous
  • “Super excited for midterms to be over because the following weeks will hopefully be a lot more relaxed” – Campbell Molloy
  • “Keep going, keep growing” – Charlotte Van Ness