Bronxville’s New Year’s Resolutions


Victoria McEnroe and Aarna Pal-Yadav

A new year’s resolution is a tradition in which someone sets a goal for the upcoming year. This could mean continuing a good practice, making a change to an aspect of life or to one’s mindset, or accomplishing something. While they are specific to each individual, many new year’s resolutions are similar. 

Fun fact: According to a study, only 9% of new year’s resolutions made by people in the US are successful. 

After speaking to a lot of Bronxville students, I found great overlap in new year’s resolutions. About a third of the seniors I spoke to said working hard to get into college was their biggest goal for 2023. However, there were a ton of other resolutions, some more unique than others. Check them out:


Exercise more

This is definitely a basic one, but it was easily one of the most popular among students. To accomplish this goal, you could join a school or club sports team, get a local gym membership, or simply walk to school more often. 


Eat healthier

Eating healthier was another super popular new year’s resolution. According to Statista, eating healthier and exercising more are the most common resolutions in the US. Eating healthy does not have to be boring. You could maybe replace your daily Park Place bagel with a wrap! 


Do better in school

This was a big one among sophomores, juniors, and seniors who find themselves nearing college and taking harder classes with more homework. A great way to up your grades is to improve time management. I love using My Study Life so I can input all of my upcoming work and tests. When I do this, I never forget to do a task and end up stuck doing it at the last minute. 


Interviews with various members of Bronxville High School revealed some more unique resolutions.

  • “My new year resolution is to go into things in my life with more confidence and trust in myself. doubting myself will only put more pressure on me and will never make the outcome better, so confidence and positivity is key!” — Isabela Fenner
  • “My goal for the New Year is to think positive in order to stay focused, so I can do well on my exams, my sports teams, and my mental health overall. I hope everyone becomes their best self in the new year!” — Elira Punter
  • “To be get out of the habit of doing things at the last minute because it ends up causing me stress” — Julia Perry
  • “To be able to dunk in a basketball game” — Sean Shiroma
  • “I am going to get Doc as many croissants as possible” — Henry Bazinet
  • “To be more organized and to be able to see my desk on a daily basis” — Madame Gillen
  • “To learn a new word everyday” — Anonymous
  • “My resolution is to be less of a perfectionist and to be OK with making mistakes.” — Anonymous
  • “To stop procrastinating so that I can actually sleep” — Anonymous
  • “To be more productive” — Anonymous
  • “To go to bed earlier” — Anonymous
  • “To get up more than 20 minutes before school starts” — Anonymous
  • “To clean my room” — Anonymous
  • “To get into college” — Anonymous
  • “To not cry too much if I don’t get into college” — Anonymous
  • “To finish Halo Infinite” — Anonymous