Core Earth Science Trip to the Natural History Museum


Liberty Wilson

The 9th and 10th graders in Core Earth Science went to the American Museum of Natural History for a field trip and visited the planetarium, Hall of meteorites, and the Mineral Exhibit.  

Did you enjoy it?

Mr. Kovari: Yes, It was shorter than we had hoped because of bussing constraints but we enjoyed it.

Student 1: Because of this we weren’t required to fill out the entirety of the packet so it was great. 

What were your favorite parts of the time?

Mr. Kovari: The hall of meteorites and getting to see real meteorites. I also loved the planterian show, where we learned more about the story of our solar system. 

Student 2: I learned about the solar system and life beyond Earth in the show we watched in the theater, Worlds Beyond Earth, and the different characteristics of asteroids.  

What was the coolest exhibit?

Mr. Kovari: The mineral about the varieties and different types of minerals was cool, but there were so many that it can be too much to take in, in only a day. However, the Hall of Meteorites is my favorite, because to touch a meteorite and say “wow this came from space” is a cool experience. The mineral section had a wow factor because there were so many, but I still think meteorites are so much cooler.

Student 3: I liked the planetarium video because it engaged the audience really well, as it was creative and very interesting. The show visually took viewers on a journey through our solar system, to all the different planets, and beyond.