Bronxville School: Did You Know…


Aarna Pal-Yadav, Editor-in-Chief

  1. The school used to have an annual Night of Sports, “a large, outdoor event in which sports and entertainment were blended into a special exhibition of world-class talent.” One of the biggest attractions was the westling, with a massive ring set up on the athletic field behind the school. Bob McGrath of class of ‘45 remarked that the Night of Sports was “the greatest thing going” when he was a student, remembering the fun contests like “who could catch a ping pong shot deep in the air” and “who could throw the most strikes with Babe Ruth as the umpire” he participated in.
  2. Since the founding of the school to 2017, 2nd- and 3rd-grade students would perform in a local circus, in which they would create and decorate paper mache masks, and learn dances and acrobatic feats. The class of ‘27 was the last to take part in this jovial tradition when they were in 3rd-grade. 
  3. The name Pondfield Road is terribly apt, as the school was actually built over a pond!
  4. There may not be a bowling alley at the school, but there is a rifle range up in the attic!
  5. 8th-grade math teacher Mr. Orsenigo—who recently retired in June 2021—had been at Bronxville for 46 years, since September 1975!
  6. Before 2011, the beloved 2nd-grade farm field trip was an overnight trip, and it is now a day trip.
  7. In April 2007, the school closed for two whole weeks after a devastating Nor’easter.
  8. The costume room, which is now in the basement near the Innovation Center, used to be on the 3rd floor next to Mr. Doyle’s room.
  9. The room on the 4th floor where Bronco TV is now filmed used to be a black-box theater where drama classes were held.