2021-2022 Lakers Season Recap


Jack Preusse

It has been a very rough season for the Lakers. At the time of writing this, the Lakers are just barely holding on to the tenth seed of the playoffs, which would send them into the play-in tournament and not even the actual play-offs. Where it stands now, every game should be played as if it is a playoff game, which will be especially difficult without Lebron James and Anthony Davis. A season of drama, records, injury, and unfulfilled promises have all led to the trainwreck that has been the 2021-2022 Lakers Season.

The story begins January 28, 2019 when Anthony Davis requests a trade (which Lebron also wanted) to the Lakers. This trade would change the league and would drastically change the future of the Lakers. About midway through the season, Lebron would suffer a groin injury, taking him out for the rest of the year—an unfortunate event that would end up keeping the Lakers out of the playoffs that year. The Lakers had young players at this time who had shown a lot of promise but hadn’t lived up to their expectations; Lonzo Ball, Josh Hart, Brandon Ingram, Kyle Kuzma, and D’angelo Russell had also been recently traded away. The Anthony Davis trade would see most of the Lakers young core be traded. This exchange would work out for the Lakers, because they would go onto win a championship that year (2020, in an albeit bizarre year). The Lakers would never reach a highpoint close to this in the following years.

The best team in the NBA until Valentine’s day 2021 would be the Lakers. They only got better in the offseason after winning a championship, signing some free agents that would improve their roster. Things looked very promising, but ever since Valentine’s day of last year the Lakers have been in freefall. What in the world could have caused this? While playing the Nuggets, Anthony Davis takes a bad step while on offense, causing a severe calf strain (it had