Groundhog Day 2022


Jack Pasquale

Don’t worry if the famous Punxsatawney Phil and others predicted 6 more weeks of Winter. You can pick from one of many other furry, feathery or scaly prognosticators across the U.S. and Canada that predicted an early Spring! 

Originally, Groundhog Day began as a farming related tradition in Germany and was brought to the U.S. by immigrants making Pennsylvania their new home. Hedgehogs were originally used in Germany but are not native to America. As a result, the more commonly found Groundhog took center stage. 

Over time, Punxsutawney Phil has become synonymous with Groundhog Day after being immortalized in the Bill Murray film Groundhog Day. Phil’s handlers, known as the Inner Circle, host a big unveil production annually. They claim that Phil is the same Groundhog making predictions despite having only a 2-3 year life expectancy in the wild or 6-14 in captivity. Phil’s predictive ability is also controversial. His accuracy rate is generously estimated at 40%. His handlers claim Phil is 100% accurate. They believe that any error in predicting the weather is because the handler did not understand the Groundhogease Phil was clearly communicating with. 

For New Yorkers we have consensus for an early Spring based on predictions from Staten Island Chuck and Cluxatawney Henrietta! Chuck became Internet famous after being dropped by then Mayor Bill de Blasio. He previously bit Mayor Michael Bloomberg. 


2022 Groundhog Day Forecasts

Here’s to hoping our New York prognosticators are more accurate than Punxsutawney Phil and an early Spring is on the way! 

Punxsutawney Phil (Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania) More Winter
Malverne Mel (Malverne, New York) More Winter
Sir Walter Wally (Raleigh, North Carolina) More Winter
Silvia the Armadillo (Apex, North Carolina) More Winter
Dunkirk Dave (Dunkirk, New York) More Winter
Buckeye Chuck (Marion, Ohio) Early Spring
Woodstock Willie (Woodstock, Illinois) Early Spring
Holtsville Hal (Holtsville, New York) Early Spring
Chattanooga Chuck (Chattanooga, Tennessee) Early Spring
Fred la Marmotte (Quebec) Early Spring
Jimmy the Groundhog (Sun Prairie, Wisconsin) Early Spring
T-Boy the Nutria (New Orleans, Louisiana) Early Spring
Staten Island Chuck (Staten Island, New York) Early Spring
General Beauregard Lee (Jackson, Georgia Early Spring
Cluxatawney Henrietta (Katonah, New York)  Early Spring
Wiarton Willie (Wiarton, Ontario) Early Spring