The Stable With Mr. Kovari

The Stable With Mr. Kovari

Jack Pasquale, Columnist


For this installment of The Stable, we interviewed Mr. Kovari, who in addition to getting students excited about science runs Bronxville’s modified track team and still finds time for wildlife research and photography. 



What is your current position?

High School Science Teacher


How long have you been teaching at Bronxville High School?

2 years


What is the biggest lesson you hope students on your track team learn?

On my modified track team, I want students to be committed to improvement. I always say that it is okay if you aren’t the fastest runner, but showing dedication and making sure you do what you can to make improvements over time is most important.


What is the most wonderful but unexpected thing to happen to you at Bronxville School?

Last year I took my Core Earth Science classes out to the Bronx River for an Earth Day cleanup. It was a great way to get students outside and involved in community service, and everyone had fun. But there are so many other great ones!


Do you like cats or dogs better?



Which is your favorite streaming service?



What are you streaming now?

Nothing new; I tend to watch comedies and nature documentaries.


What is your favorite lunch?

In Town


Where is your favorite vacation spot?

White Mountain National Forest in New Hampshire. It’s where I do my summer moose research, so I consider it my ‘working vacation’. But I love going up there for hiking and wildlife photography. It is an amazing area.


What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?

Cookie Dough


What is your favorite band?

I don’t have one in particular.


Can you play any musical instruments?



What is the best advice someone ever gave you?

I think it is important to find your passion in life, and not to let that go when you do. I love wildlife and am passionate about environmental conservation and wildlife biology. I get to share that passion with others by teaching science and I always make sure to leave time to observe nature and wildlife, even though I don’t have much. It is just so important and it energizes you. I am glad that others in my life have reminded me to pursue that passion wherever it takes me.


What do you do to relieve stress?

Birding and wildlife photography. Sometimes hiking.


What is one thing Bronxville students do not know about you?

I really like lemons and limes.


What team did you want to win this year’s Super Bowl?

The Bengals