Habitat for Humanity’s Gingerbread Building Event


Olivia Cevasco

Before the holiday break, Bronxville High School’s Habitat for Humanity Club had its annual Gingerbread Building Event, and it was a hit! After a socially-distanced gingerbread event via Zoom last year, due to COVID-19, we were able to resume our event in-person this winter. Over 25 elementary students and 20 high school students participated in the festivities, and to create a welcoming and festive environment, club members decorated the school cafeteria with lights, tablecloths, and decorations, including hand-crafted snowflakes. Lower school students partnered up with high school students to build some of the most creative gingerbread houses that the club’s ever seen, and while doing so, we were able to bond with the younger students and talk about Christmas lists, movies, and family traditions. 

This was my third and, sadly, last time volunteering in Habitat’s gingerbread event, and it was my most memorable experience yet. My lower school buddy, Jack, and I decked his gingerbread house out in red and green icing, with stars on the sides and white icicles dangling from the roof. In the midst of a busy school year, it was gratifying to pause and provide levity to our school community during the pandemic. As a high school senior, I can look back on Habitat’s gingerbread events and fully appreciate the connections we’ve forged between lower school and high school students and the joy we’ve brought to the Bronxville community during many holiday seasons. 

Habitat for Humanity is grateful to Mr. Doyle and Ms. Cabrera, as well as club presidents Caroline Ircha, Isaiah Weir, and Rory Denning for the success of this event. We hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday season and send our best wishes for a wonderful 2022!