Bronxville Student and Teacher Plans for the Holidays


Leo Nevezhin

The long-awaited winter holidays are just around the corner, but the Coronavirus still places some uncertainty regarding travel. How are students and teachers adapting? What are they planning to do during this holiday break?


Ms. Kim, Science Teacher

Ms. Kim has a unique New Year’s family tradition: “For New Year’s my family and I make dumplings: we all sit around a circular, low table and spend hours making dumplings. My family and I have done this for many years and we would just sit around and make dumplings until midnight while watching the ball drop in Times Square (on the TV, of course) so I’m excited to do that again!” 


Rohit Mandapati, Student

Rohit also has a family holiday custom: “For the holidays, I’m going to go see some family in New Jersey. This is something I do every year during the winter and fall holidays. I’m going to be spending time there for a week, where I hang out with my cousins.”


Ms. Abel, English Teacher

Ms. Abel is our new English teacher, joining the Bronxville School faculty just this year. She said that she “will be doing a lot of reading, hanging out with family, and relaxing. I’m also planning to bake some Christmas cookies and catch up on sleep.”


Caitlin Harrington, Student

Caitlin states that: “My extended family will be coming over from Maine, and we’re planning to go to the city. There, we will ice skate at Rockefeller Center before heading home. Usually, we would have stopped to eat at a restaurant or gone to see a show, but this year we decided not to.” 


While we’re all excited for the holidays and having the stress of school work lifted off our shoulders, we must remember to stay safe! However, as advised by the CDC Covid Guidelines, we should wear masks in indoor public spaces, wash our hands often, and disinfect frequently touched surfaces within our homes to insure that we keep ourselves and others safe this holiday season.