Creative Writing Club: Writers Needed!


Leo Nevezhin

This year, the Bronxville High School launched a new Creative Writing Club, and we meet Thursdays at lunch. Our goal is to provide high school students with a unique space to exercise creative thinking and self-expression. 

During club meetings, students improve their creative writing through short writing prompts to jog their thinking and fun group activities that engage the whole room. “My favorite prompt in the club so far would be writing about a holiday you would want. It allowed me to use my creativity and imagination while having fun and making the story entertaining,” commented Caitlin Harrington, a member of the club. 

Since the Creative Writing Club is a new addition to the assortment of clubs available to Bronxville students, we are hoping to recruit new members who are passionate about writing and wish to develop their imaginative, analytical skills. 

Throughout the year, we plan to develop and polish our writing to participate in regional, state, and national-level writing competitions and get published in literary magazines and publications. My hope is that the club will benefit the greater student population by providing a stress-free space and offering a creative outlet to boost critical thinking.