Halloween Kills Movie Review

Sarah Modesitt

Halloween Kills, premiered in October 2021, the 12th movie of the Halloween series that shows that Michael Myers really has something against October 31st. The sequel came out 43 years ago, starring Jaime Lee Curtis and was a horrifying story with lots of twists and turns. Then a sequel came out, with the same entry, sending chills down your spine. Then another sequel came out. Then another…

What is the 11th sequel to the original movie called? An elevenquel? The story of Michael Meyers was terrifying at first, but after the same storyline has been repeated over and over, the movies are not so scary. 

Another question is the realistic component of the movie. Why do the same people live in Haddonfield, Illinois after 43 years? You would think after 11 mass murders prior to today would make civilians consider a relocation. Even just a vacation away every Halloween. 

Something that makes the audience scream is how Michael hasn’t been killed even though he has come close many times. However, this movie ends with the claim that Michael can’t be killed, however no one’s ever tried. Sure, people have shot him and attacked him before but obviously that’s not enough. No one has tried an alternative method? Shouldn’t Michael be the police’s top priority since nothing else ever happens in Haddonfield? 

Michael Myers signature move is returning back to his childhood home every time he kills. So each time, whomever is living in this house comes face to face with him and no one ever survives. Why do people keep buying the house, if it’s mortality rate is 100 percent? 

All in all, Halloween Kills was a major disappointment for horror movie fans. Not everything in movies is going to be completely realistic, but at least try a little. 11/Eleven sequels to a classic movie is something that has to stop. This 2021 edition didn’t kill, it barely even wounded.