The Inheritance Games


Claire Berkeley

The Inheritance Games is the perfect book for you Knives Out and One of Us is Lying fans; a mystery book with thrilling twists, juicy secrets, and intriguing characters. 

Avery Gramb’s plan for the future: finish high school, win a scholarship and escape her nightmare life. But when billionaire Tobias Hawthorne dies, he leaves his entire fortune to her, a man she has not even met.

To inherit the fortune, she must live a year in the Hawthorne house with puzzles and secret passages. The Hawthorne family occupies the Hawthorne house left in the dark by Tobias, including the four Hawthorne grandsons; dangerously magnetic and brilliant. One Grandson: Grayson Hawthorne is convinced Avery is a con woman, and his goal is to take Avery down, whilst his younger brother Jameson sees Avery as the family’s last hurrah. 

Caught in the world of wealth, Avery must play the game left by Tobias in order to survive.