Everything is Not What it Seems


Rachel Conniff

The perfect blend of mystery and comedy, Only Murders in the Building will pull you from the edge of your seat onto the floor with laughter. The show has a strategic and star-studded cast. While Steve Martin and Martin Short bring in many adult viewers, Selena Gomez attracts a younger audience. Not only that, but a collection of celebrities, such as the legendary Sting and the hilarious Tina Fey, make appearances throughout the series. The story covers the lives of three residents living in the Arconia, an apartment building in NYC. Living three very different lives, they are brought together through the “suicide” of a neighbor, Tim Kono. The characters’ shared interest in solving crimes they learn about by listening to podcasts gives them reason to believe that there is something more to the death of Tim Kono. Together, they investigate the demise and, while doing so, record a podcast of their own that covers Only Murders in the Building. So grab your popcorn and get ready to figure out “What could have possibly happened to Tim Kono?”