2021 Graduation


Nadia Newton

On June 18th, the class of 2021 graduated from Bronxville High School and saw the start of a new chapter in their lives. In the fall they will transition from being surrounded by familiar faces daily to dispersing to different states, different countries and be amongst a whole new crowd of people. They begin a new phase of their lives where they will learn independence and see growth within their lives. The whole Bronxville community wishes the class of 2021 luck with this new phase in their lives.

The graduation was set up beautifully (as usual) with an abundance of flowers, smiling families and thankfully perfect weather. After last year’s unconventional graduation, the Bronxville community as a whole was thankful that the class of 2021 got the ‘normal’ graduation they deserved after 2 uncommon years they faced in their high school career. Masks were not mandated and the graduates were able to sit beside each other and enjoy the presence and close company of their classmates. Additionally, there was not a restriction as to how many family members could happily watch their children/grandchildren etc. graduate. The ease of restrictions took place just days before the graduation and came just in time to present this class with the graduation they undeniably deserved. With the difficult years endured as a result of COVID, having a normal graduation resembling one of pre-pandemic was a blessing we were all very proud of and grateful to have the opportunity to do. This graduation was a step towards normality within the village and school, and was able to be done due to the hard work and dedication from the Bronxville community and the class of 2021.

The graduation ceremony heard two incredible speeches from both the senior class president, Tim Atkeson, and the student faculty legislature president, Liam Heraty. These two graduates shared advice and encouragement to their fellow graduates and also the audience. Students were also presented with awards in different subjects based on academic excellence by High School Principal Ms. Meyer. Overall, the graduation ceremony was beautiful and recognised the hard work that these students have accomplished in their 13 years of school. They all have bright futures ahead of them to which we wish them the very best of luck with.