Oscar Preview: Promising Young Woman


Edoardo Rulli

The film Promising Young Woman, directed by Emerald Fennell, is a film that engages you while at the same time makes you wonder how much longer until the film ends. It isn’t until the finale that we get what we’d been waiting for, an ending that feels justified. What happens to the main character, Cassandra Thomas, early on in the third act of the film makes you feel she’s lost her battle, after she’s killed by her friend’s abuser. When it’s revealed she’d planned in advance what to do incase of her death, share the evidence to the abusers lawyer, and the police, the film feels complete, and allows you to enjoy anything you felt was unnecessary in the film, that may not have made too much sense.

The only issues I have with the film are why Cassandra Thomas intimidates other potential abusers, as it doesn’t really go along with her main goal, stopping her friends’ abuser, and the comedy feels a bit forced at times. I’d give the film an 8/10.