The Best Shows to Binge Watch Over Spring Break

Conner Huang, Director of Technology

Spring Break is quickly approaching and one great way to enjoy this time is by binge watching tv shows on Netflix or Amazon Prime. Here are some of the shows I am looking forward to watching over break.

The Expanse (Amazon Prime Video)
This show takes place hundreds of years in the future when humans have colonized various planets like Mars and many humans now live on space stations in the Asteroid Belt. It follows James Holden and his crew who come from all different planets as they go on various interplanetary adventures. One great story arch is the war between Earth and Mars because it is really cool seeing the space battles and weapons that are used. During this war, Holden has to stop these two superpowers from annihilating each other through his use of diplomacy and space fighting skills.

The Walking Dead (Netflix)
Taking place in Atlanta, Georgia, Walking Dead is set in a post-apocalyptic world where zombies have taken over the world. Rick Grimes, a former sheriff’s deputy leads a small group of survivors. In order to survive, they have to compete with other groups for food and water. The show follows Rick and his group as they encounter both hostile and friendly survivors. At one point, Rick is able to set up a base and a farm at a prison, but it all falls apart when another group who has a tank comes to gain control of it. When Rick and his group seems to be safe and secure, that is when something major happens which makes it really enjoyable to watch.

Burn Notice (Amazon Prime Video)
Michael Westen is a former spy who has been burned or fired by the CIA. Setting up a base of operations in Miami, he sets up a crew of him and his friends Sam Axe, a former Navy SEAL, and Fiona, his ex, in order to help him get reinstated as a spy. At first, he does odd jobs using his special set of skills to help people. Eventually, he meets the people who burned him and starts doing larger and more dangerous jobs. In the end, he is faced with either abandoning his friends or getting his old job back.