High School Students Back Full Time!

Nadia Newton

Beginning March 15th, the High School opened for full in person learning! From the beginning of the pandemic in March 2020, the school has gone from being fully remote to now completely in person. Although the option to learn online is still available, Bronxville High School has given students the opportunity to be in school full-time. This will be the first time all students will be in the building since last year.

To learn more about the plan, I spoke to the high school principal Ms Meyer who kindly took the time out to give further insight into the plan. She explained how Bronxville has been extremely lucky in that we have been given the space to bring all students who want to learn in person back into the school full-time. With the progression of the construction, classrooms have opened up for use which has given the school flexibility to increase the number of students in the building whilst still being safe. Through the opening of 2 classrooms, we are now cleared to proceed with being in person full-time! Safety was the biggest concern with the idea to reopen full time. However, Ms Meyer spoke to this concern by ensuring that school is known not to be a spreader for COVID and in-person learning is extremely important. Bronxville is convinced that we can learn in a safe way, and we have been ensured that cases will still be monitored and contact tracing will still be active and effective to keep students safe.

This plan was inevitable with the amazing progress the high school has made to keep everyone safe. The transition and patience from students and faculty allowed us to go from fully remote learning to half the students in building, two thirds and now all students. Bronxville has been ‘ahead of the curve’ and has been the most in-person school in the Westchester area. Ms. Meyer stated that the plan to resume fully in person learning has been set to start in March for some time now. This shows the amazing progress of Bronxville students and the faculty, that by following the rules and being patient, we have reached this goal!

This plan is yet another step towards normality for students and the faculty. We have all sacrificed in some way through remote and hybrid learning, be it the cancellation of sports, a restricted senior year etc. These sacrifices have allowed us to get where we are today with having all students back in the building! Although we have been given the option to be fully in person, I highly encourage all students to continue to abide by the COVID restrictions so we can continue to make progress towards normality!