Bronxville Football is Back Like Never Before

Andrew Knox

As Bronco sports carry on in a COVID-19 year, we are happy to see the football program back in action. After a disappointing postponement of the fall football season, players, coaches, and fans are happy to hear the team finally has a legitimate season. Whether it be lifting in the weight room, or doing cardio drills in 30 degree weather, the team, especially the seniors, are committed to making every minute of practice count. 

Head coach Patsy Manganelli is well liked by the players, and is notorious for making sure the team is practicing the correct COVID safety procedures. Patsy, as well as other coaches like trainer Vin Narog make sure players fill out COVID surveys before practice. Masks are required during practice, but they won’t stop the dedicated players like Captains Henry Donohue, George McCormick, Will Murray, or TJ Curran. 

Having only a 6 game season in about 8 weeks of a season isn’t what we expected during a COVID year, but the players and coaches certainly appreciate any sort of a chance to play. The team is in high spirits, constantly pushing each other to be better on and off the field. Hoping to go 6-0 this year, the Broncos are making every minute of the COVID season count.