Devavrat Tarwala’s Experience in Habitat for Humanity Club

Wesley Kane

Even as students we can take an active role in changing our community for the better. No matter your age, you can inspire positive change during these times which helps many different people. One such person is Devavrat Tarwala, a freshman at Bronxville High School. He is making an incredibly positive influence in both the school and community. Dev is a member of the Habitat for Humanity club and the organizer of a recent event in which the club met with senior citizens and talked with them during these tough times. Dev was able to overcome the challenges of stepping up into a leadership role in his club and overcoming the logistics of doing the entire event online. The event was a huge success and the Habitat for Humanity club plans to meet with the senior citizens again in February for Valentine’s Day. 


When asked what inspired Dev to join the Habitat for Humanity club, he said he gained an interest after reading the description and realized that by being a member he could make a positive change in the Bronxville community. Upon joining the club he believed that he would take a passive role in it however, he soon realized that there was nothing stopping him from playing a very active role. When asked about how he was able to organize such a successful event he stated “Taking initiative is key. Anyone can take charge and that even having a small role can lead to making a big difference.” Dev’s dedication to positively influencing the community cannot go unnoticed because even in hard times he found a way to help many people feel comforted.


Students like Dev Tarwala show us what is possible, even during COVID. He was able to affect the community as a whole which led to positive change. When asked about taking an active role in clubs Dev stated “Clubs are welcoming to new ideas. Even the smallest amounts of initiative can be very rewarding. It builds character and strengthens leadership which is important in life.” Perhaps we can take some inspiration from Dev to seek out our own initiatives to help serve our community.