Join the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s, “Broncos Beating Cancer” Team

Alexandra Dessart and Julia Reich

Every 3 minutes, someone is diagnosed with a blood borne cancer, and 33% of these patients do not survive longer than 5 years after their initial diagnosis. The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS) was established in 1949 to find cures for blood borne cancers and to improve the overall quality of life for patients and their families. Alex Dessart and Julia Reich will be fundraising with a program named Students of the Year (SOY) to contribute to LLS and to fund their research. It is a seven week fundraising competition and the Students of the Year title is awarded to the candidate or team who raises the most funds in the Connecticut Westchester Hudson Valley region.

We ask for your assistance to help us raise the most funds for LLS and to win the SOY competition. If you would like to join our campaign, please email @[email protected] or We will be hosting several virtual events, such as cooking, baking, open mic night, and movie nights. We need your help to spread the word and to ask your family, friends, coaches, etc., to join our Zoom events, have fun, and donate! If you would like to follow our instagram to receive updates on our campaign, our handle is @broncosbeatingcancer.

*The competition officially starts on January 21st, 2021, so we cannot begin accepting donations until then. As of 
right now, we encourage you to spread the word and potentially interest others into donating once the competition 
starts! If you or a friend are interested in joining the program next year, please talk to us!