Bronxville Girls Varsity Soccer Team Wins the Section Title


Bethany Lee, Staff Writer

On November 23, 2020, the Bronxville Girls Varsity Soccer team ended their season on a high note with the Section 1 championship title. This was no easy task, however. Down 4 players who learned they needed to quarantine the night before the game, the team had to make quick adjustments going onto the field. This was not the team’s only setback: Bronxville also faced Pleasantville, the team which upset them 3-0 at sectionals last year. Nevertheless, the girls soccer team persisted, and managed to win 3-1 to the reigning section champions. 

When the game started at Pleasantville High School, BGVS pulled ahead 2-0 after junior Lily Jebejian scored 2 consecutive goals. Jebejian’s goals not only gave Bronxville an early lead, but it also greatly boosted the team’s morale. Pleasantville quickly moved to the offensive during the second half and scored a goal to tighten the score to 2-1. Although Bronxville was still ahead, they knew they could not let their guard down. With 11 minutes left of the game, junior Molly Krestinski struck the final shot of the game, making the score 3-1. 


Teammates Lily Jebejian and Alex Doukas celebrate after a goal against Pleasantville. 


After the buzzer sounded, the Bronxville team rejoiced and celebrated their victory. They FaceTimed their teammates who watched from home, and the team celebrated as one. This victory was a particularly incredible experience for the seniors since this was their last game of their BHS soccer career. Alex Doukas, a 5-year team member, senior, and team captain fondly remarked that “this team will be one of my most cherished high school memories. Over the past 5 years, I’ve been so thankful to be mentored by the most supportive, loving coaches, Coop and Caitlin, and play with an amazing group of girls. I couldn’t have asked for a better way to finish my last season. Winning the sectional title felt like a dream. I will never forget this team, the memories, and the friendships that will last forever.” 

Congratulations to the Bronxville Girls Varsity Soccer Team! Even though this was a season like no other, you all proved that you have the ability to work as a team to offset any setbacks and proceed to victory. 


The Girls Varsity Soccer Team poses for a team photo with Coach Don Cupertino and Coach Caitlin after their win against Pleasantville in the Section 1 finals. 


Goal 1: scored by Lily Jebejian 

Goal 2: scored by Lily Jebejian

Goal 3: scored by Molly Krestinski