Interviewing the Person Leading the Construction at School


Conner Huang, Director of Technology

Last week, I interviewed Mr. Carlin, the Assistant Superintendent for Business at Bronxville School, who has been leading the construction that has been going on for the last year at the Bronxville School. We discussed how recent events, specifically Covid, have affected the construction that has been going on. He gave many interesting insights that I would like to share with you. 

Here is just an overview of the construction for anyone who is not aware of what is going on. Currently, Bronxville School is being upgraded and modernized in order to give students a better and more engaging experience. The construction first started at Chambers Field which was changed from a grass/dirt field into a turf field and this allows more sports to practice or play at the same time. They also replaced the Elementary School playground and fixed the old “1960s” curtain wall by it. This makes the school look better aesthetically from the outside and kids will now have more fun at the playground. Some major improvements were also made to the interior of the school. This includes expanding the cafeteria into the courtyard, building a new innovation center by the old boiler room and redoing a few classrooms and creating a learning commons on the third floor in C-Wing to encourage more collaboration among students. The last portion of construction that has to be done is at the Meadow Avenue entrance. They are building a new guidance suite there so that visitors can have easier access  to them and also to create a more pleasing entrance. 

Mr. Carlin said that he loved all of the new additions, but that his favorite was the new innovation studio because it has really cool modern technology like 3D printers and robotic equipment. 

Pertaining to Covid, Mr. Carlin explained that construction actually sped up during this period. Most people would think the opposite would happen since everyone would be home. This is not the case as many of the contractors that the school hired did not have much work during Covid and so instead, they sent all of their workers to work at the school. This helped speed up construction considerably which is possibly why the school looked so different when everyone returned this year.