Mr. Ginsburg’s story

Devavrat Tarwala

Mr. Ginsburg, the new high school math teacher, has quite the story. Throughout high school, Mr. G was not your well-rounded club participant, or a rising star athlete, or particularly anything that might have made him even somewhat remarkable among his peers. Desiring a bit of independence after his sophomore year, Mr. G participated in a work program in which he could attend classes from 7 am to 12 pm, and then work from midday into the evening as a teacher’s assistant at a local preschool. While he enjoyed learning and the majority of the courses at his high school, the work experience allowed Mr. G to focus on providing for himself and gain a good sense of responsibility. 

After high school, he joined the Marine Corps, and for a majority of his five years in the military, Mr. G led Marines in the safeguarding of sensitive government information and the physical security of U.S. personnel and property at several U.S. diplomatic missions. During this time, Mr. G found himself tutoring his fellow Marines in mathematics, covering typical coursework that military servicemen and women need to complete to achieve rank and recognition. This experience furthered his love for teaching. Through the military, he also learned how to listen, how to lead people, form good time management, and a lot of discipline. 

In an attempt to adjust to civilian life after the Marines, Mr. G applied for math education programs for his undergraduate degree. He was accepted into NYU Steinhardt for a math education program and completed his studies in two and a half years. He then spent five years teaching math in New York City, pursued his graduate degree (also at NYU), and then moved to Westchester in 2017 to teach at Scarsdale High School. Last year, Mr. G took a position at Edgemont Jr. Sr. High School, but with school funding issues caused by the pandemic, the loss of the position allowed him the opportunity to become the new high school math teacher at Bronxville. 

Mr. G perceives this new hybrid model as a challenge he is willing to face. He values the attempt to create a long-term memory of the lessons he presents and he aims to help students gain understandings of applied mathematical concepts. Mr. G knows of the pressure his students can be under, not just academically, but socially too. He believes that teaching the content in a manner that acknowledges stress and creates long-term memory could assist in the notion of the need to academically excel held by many students.

To manage his own undertaking of stress as he adults, Mr. G practices Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (he says we should all check out Essential BJJ by the Hartsdale train station). His other hobbies include lifting weights, cooking, and reading (mainly Reddit posts). He has a newfound interest in podcasts and suggests the “Hidden Brain” or “Science Vs.” series. He listens to all kinds of music, but begins his days getting pumped by listening to a genre called “Metalcore.”

Mr. G’s homelife demands come from a Standard Poodle named Winnie and an American Pitbull named Luna. He attends to his dogs with his wife Audry and currently resides in Hartsdale. Overall, Mr. G is stoked to be teaching Bronxville students and hopes to put some “wonder into the why” as we learn mathematics.