Olivia O’ Brien Releases New Micro-Mixtape, “The Results of My Poor Judgement”

Olivia O’ Brien Releases New Micro-Mixtape,

Thea Reichel, Staff Writer

Olivia O’ Brien contrasts her colorful visuals with the realness of her lyrics. She is a small-time, one-woman, alternative pop artist from Los Angeles, where there are about a million other aspiring singers that match that description.  She was first recognized when well-known singer and producer gnash found her on SoundCloud.

“He asked me if I had any original stuff so I sent him ‘i hate u, i love u,’ and he asked me to record with him. So I went and recorded it with him. The song came out and it was really big, and then I was like ‘Oh, I guess I could do music if I wanted to,” she explained in an interview with V magazine.

Eventually, she began releasing many more singles and collaborating with other artists.  Olivia O’ Brien released The Results of My Poor Judgement on February 7th, 2020 following the announcement of her tour and Coachella performanceThe micro-mixtape consists of three new tracks, “Was It All In My Head?,” “Josslyn,” and “Sad Together.” Each is accompanied by a visualizer that plays on Olivia’s colorful and nostalgic aesthetic. The Results of My Poor Judgement brings listeners through the aftermath of a breakup after we realize all we are left with is ourselves.

One month later, the album has over five million streams on Spotify. As an artist, she is able to take lessons from her poor decisions and create music that is relatable and honest.

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