B F vs. BF: Who Knows Chlo? – Claire & Cory


Phoebe Martin, Editor & Columnist

1. Favorite color?

Cory: Blue (+1)

Claire: Red

Chloe: Blue

2. Allergies?

Cory: Penicillin and dust (+1)

Claire: Cats (+1)

Chloe: Penicillin and dust (“Oh! And cats”)

3. Favorite food?

Cory: Italian, Chocolate lava cake for dessert (+1)

Claire: Pad Thai

Chloe: Pasta

4. Favorite movie?

Cory: Up (+1)

Claire: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Chloe: Up

5. Favorite Song?

Cory: Run This Town/Doses & Mimosas

Claire: Valentino 

Chloe: Talia

6. Favorite type of music?

Cory: Hip-hop/Pop (+1)

Claire: Pop (+1)

Chloe: Pop

7. Favorite tv show?

Cory: Parks and Recs (+1)

Claire: SVU

Chloe: Parks and Recs

8. Favorite subject in school?

Cory: Humanities (+1)

Claire: Humanities or anything Mr. Meyer teaches (+1)

Chloe: Humanities

9. Favorite restaurant?

Cory: Burrata (+1)

Claire: Burrata (+1)

Chloe: Burrata

10. Where was Chloe born?

Cory: Harlem, NY (+1)

Claire: NYC (+1)

Chloe: Mount Sinai Hospital, NYC

11. What makes Chloe sad?

Cory: When I don’t respond to her Tik Toks/don’t make them 

Claire: Cory

Chloe: Un-tied shoelaces 

12. What makes Chloe happy?

Cory: Dogs, Susan, Matthew, Me sometimes (+1)

Claire: Cory

Chloe: Puppies, Puppy memes, Obese animals (+1)

13. Chloe’s middle name?

Cory: Lauren Miller (+1)

Claire: Lauren Miller (+1)

Chloe: Lauren Miller

14. If Chloe could have dinner with one person dead or alive, who would that be?

Cory: Oprah

Claire:  RBG (+1)

Chloe: Ruth Bader Ginsberg

15. One thing Chloe can’t live without?

Cory: Cute Dogs (“korgies”)

Claire: “Chonkyfluffy doggies”

Chloe: My bed

Who won?

Cory:  11/15

Claire: 7/15