Bronxville’s Be Well Bash


Caroline Palermo, Section Editor

On Sunday, September 15th, the Bronxville High School, in collaboration with the Village of Bronxville, the Bronxville Chamber of Commerce, and NewYork Presbyterian-Lawrence Hospital, will host the Second Annual Be Well Bash on the front lawn of our school. Members of the community are welcome to attend the event– participants will work with top doctors from NewYork-Presbyterian Lawrence Hospital and Columbia to learn about injury prevention, as well as techniques that will improve athletic performance. 

Several events are taking place for athletes of all ages. Kids ages 5-12 can enjoy a Plank Challenge and Family Fitness circuit, while middle school and high school students can try the Vertical Jump Challenge or Injury Prevention Routine. The programs for weekend warriors include lessons to improve your tennis and golf swing. Additionally, the official NFL PLAY 60 Skills and Drills will provide an opportunity for kids to challenge themselves with a circuit workout, or they can work out with the New York City Football Club Street Team (NYCFC). With the NYCFC, kids can test their soccer skills and compete in an Xbox One FIFA tournament. NewYork Presbyterian Hospital is proud to be the official hospital of  NYCFC. 

NewYork Presbyterian-Lawrence is sponsoring this event for the community to educate attendees on how to stay healthy. Those who come to the Be Well Bash will learn from doctors and clinicians who specialize in cardiology, nutrition, sports, and family medicine. For younger children, there will be face painting, animal-balloon making, and even a hospital, generally sponsored by Concordia College Care Clinic, to care for injured stuffed animals in need of a quick stitch. If you are interested in workout classes, there will be a guided meditation and gentle yoga class on the front lawn– the class is BYOYM… Bring Your Own Yoga Mat! 

The Be Well Bash is highly focused on preventing injuries and encouraging proper training in young athletes. During our interview with Dr. David Trofa of NewYork Presbyterian-Lawrence, he shared his knowledge of orthopedics as well as athletic training. Trofa doesn’t recommend athletes specialize in a single sport, “[…] We have studied this extensively and found that sport specialization does not help increase one’s chance of becoming an elite athlete, but it can lead to higher rates of injury.” To compete at the highest level without experiencing drawbacks from injuries, Dr. Trofa explained, one must create a workout routine that consists of aerobic, flexibility, and strength training, which will improve athleticism and reduce muscle tension. As we have all heard many times, hydration is key, with the standard recommendation 8 cups of water intake per day (or more if you have been exercising). When young athletes are coming back from an injury, Dr. Trofa urges them to see their doctor before resuming play to avoid any further injury. He notes that playing through the pain will only cause more damage that may lead to an inability to play the sport. 

We also discussed with Dr. Trofa his recommendations for athletes who are injured and struggling to cope when they are no longer able to play the sport they love. He believes it is important for all players to find ways of managing the stress when dealing with an injury; this includes staying positive and following the clinician’s advice. The NewYork Presbyterian-Lawrence team urges injured athletes who are feeling depressed to seek attention from a sports psychologist, just as professional athletes do to help them perform at the top level. Sports psychologists work to ensure the athlete is prepared to play physically and mentally.

The Second Annual Be Well Bash promises to be an exciting and educational event for the Bronxville community, from young to old. We are fortunate to have NewYork Presbyterian Lawrence Hospital team, and their event partners, sponsor this Bash to engage our community in health awareness, injury prevention, and neighborly fun while enjoying great music and fine food from our local purveyors– it is an event not to be missed.