The Taco Project Review


Caroline Palermo, Section Editor

Located on the corner of Garden Avenue and Pondfield Road, The Taco project has found a new home in the Bronxville restaurant real estate. The project is not your typical sit-down restaurant. You can order and pick up, but if you choose to sit down and enjoy the Hispanic decor, remember to order first and then scope the scene for your seat.

This lively eatery is perfect for a family night out, meeting up with friends, or even picking up and eating at home. There is something for everyone, the menu lists several traditional Mexican dishes with a modern twist, including tacos, which are expected due to the name of the establishment, they also serve burritos, bowls, special drinks, and churros to satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth.

As I mentioned before, this place is not your typical eatery; you do not have a designated server, this enables the customer to embrace the food and people that are part of the restaurant, whether or not they work there. The Taco Project of Bronxville has achieved great success even though it has not been in Bronxville for that long, the restaurant has several other locations including Yonkers and Tarrytown. The owners have brought both their name and esteem to the streets of Bronxville, living amongst the other restaurants who have been here for much longer.

Many people come to Bronxville because of the real estate as well as the restaurant community. So far, The Taco Project is living up to the hype. Many people rave about the food, style, and comfort it exudes when you walk in; you can either be fancy or casual, the choice is up to the guest. This is what makes the restaurant so successful, even when it surrounds several other eateries of its caliber. There is an independence that is given to the customer, they can relax with friends and family, there is no rush given when enjoying your meal. When the line may be out the door, let that be a test to the quality of service and food that is being served at the establishment. Oh, and did I mention they serve churros.