BXV Welcomes Ms. DeFritas

Michael Burstein, Co-Editor

Every year Bronxville welcomes new students, interns and faculty to the community. One of the recent additions in the high school was Ms. DeFreitas.

Ms. DeFreitas returns to Bronxville after student teaching here last spring. Ms. DeFreitas was born and raised in Brazil, only moving to the United States with her family during the summer of her sophomore year in high school. She also mentioned that acclimating to school here was not as hard as one would imagine because she had been studying English since as early as eight years old. She then would go on “to graduate from University at Albany with a Journalism degree.” Years later, after deciding she would want to pursue teaching, Ms. DeFreitas attended Manhattanville College to begin her master’s program. After her semester at Bronxville as a student-teacher, she was invited back this year and said she is “honored to be part of this great school!”


When asked, “What is it about Bronxville that made you want to come here?” Ms. DeFreitas replied with “Bronxville is a beautiful town with a great community, as soon as I began student teaching earlier this year I was blown away at how great everyone here is.” She continued her praise for the school by adding “From the engaged, wonderful, and kind students, to the welcoming and supportive faculty and staff, I knew that Bronxville was a special place and I am very happy to be part of this school.”


Ms. DeFreitas said that while at Bronxville she is “looking forward to helping my students be the best readers, writers, and public speakers they can be.” In addition, she expressed interest in helping students with extracurricular activities as well as continuing “to seek improvement as a professional through different courses and workshops.”


This year Ms. DeFreitas will be teaching freshman and sophomore English as well as Speech and Debate.


When asked how her experience at Bronxville has been so far, Ms. DeFreitas answered, “So far, I’m loving this experience and look forward to a great year at Bronxville.”