Conner Stoltz: US Squash National Championships


Will Tormey, Writer

Friend, Brother, Son, Tutor, Mentor, Black-Belt in Karate, Chess Master, White Belt in CJJ  (Chrome Jiu-Jitsu), and now US Squash BU17 National Champion. Anyone who knows Conner knows about his squash game. His powerful serves, elegant lobs, deep lunges, and precise drops. After a mere few seconds in his presence, it is clear that Stoltz possesses a myriad of skills on the squash court. 

This past weekend, Conner kicked off his run at the US Squash National Championships in Charlottesville, Virginia, against a fierce competitor in Matthew Wang (Haverford). However, Wang’s heart and persistence were not enough for Stoltz who put him down in a quick 3 games. Next up, Conner faced a lanky lefty in Jacob Koeppel, who yet again Conner disposed of without dropping a single game. As the tournament progressed, it became clear that Conner’s conditioning was head and shoulders above the rest of the fields’. The hours of conditioning he put in on the stair climber with Chrome and Glen were finally paying off. Conner advanced to play Quinton Campell who he out-lunged to advance to the semi-finals. With one step away from the finals Conner faced fellow Bronxvillian, Coulter Mackesy. This is where Conner’s conditioning served him best as he disposed of a gassed Coulter Mackesy without dropping a single game. In the finals, an exhausted Conner dug deep to defeat Christian Shaw (Haverford) 3-1 to become the #1 ranked Squash Player in the Country and National Champion.

Many of our classmates tuned in on the US Squash live stream to watch Conners run, Charlie Knox commented ” The agility that Conner Stolz is able to perform with you might as well send him to the NFL right now.” and Tim Murphy exclaimed, “Stoltz has the horses in the back!” Stoltz’s coach described him best when he said,  “Conner has the biggest shovel out there when the going gets tough, no one can dig like him.”